June 1, 2020

Elkin Area Nonprofits Receive $32,100 in Grants

The Elkin Funds of The Winston-Salem Foundation recently made $32,100 in grants to 10 nonprofits serving the Elkin Tri-County area. The Elkin Advisory Committee includes 10 members of the local community. These grants are made possible by donors to the Elkin Funds – three component trusts that were established by Richard T. Chatham, Lucy Hanes Chatham, and the citizens of Elkin.  

  • Boonville Elementary School – $1,000 to support student social and emotional learning and response  
  • Cancer Services – $1,500 to support Patient Advocates in the Elkin Tri-County service area
  • CareNet Counseling of Wilkes – $4,500 for mental health counseling and educational programming in Wilkes county
  • Children's Center of Surry – $2,400 to support the Girls Circle Group program in Surry County
  • ECHO Ministry – $9,500 for emergency supplies and health support for people experiencing homelessness
  • Lifeline Pregnancy Help Center – $700 for an online educational platform
  • Parenting PATH – $1,500 to support programming in Surry County
  • SECU Family House – $1,000 to support families of Wilkes, Surry, and Yadkin County with reduced rates during medical treatment
  • Tri-County Christian Crisis Ministry – $6,000 for a backpack food assistance program
  • Wilkes Dental Consortium, Inc. – $4,000 to support emergency dental assistance for individuals from Elkin, Dobson, Boonville, Hamptonville, and Thurmond

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