Youth Grantmakers in Action

Bringing Youth Voices to the Table

Youth Grantmakers in Action (YGA) creates an avenue for youth, ages 15–18, to play a meaningful role in philanthropy in Forsyth County.

YGA is a diverse and youth-led group who live in or attend school in Forsyth County.  They come together to gain leadership experience, represent youth in their community, voice their opinions, and make grants to youth-directed projects that address community issues and challenges in Forsyth County.

The program supports authentic, working partnerships between youth grantmakers and other youth who are creating meaningful projects for community change.

2019-2020 Youth Grantmakers in Action
  • Shi Belcher, Walkertown High School
  • Kennedy Brandon, West Forsyth High School
  • Jackson Brown, Atkins High School    
  • Vivian Caldwell, John F. Kennedy High School    
  • Brenna Chadwick, Parkland High School    
  • Austin Cook, Reagan High School    
  • Isabella Coronel, Middle College Of Forsyth    
  • Sebastian Del Campo, Mt. Tabor High School    
  • Chloe Fletcher, Carver High School    
  • Jajhayra Fonceca-Roque, Glenn High School    
  • Cierra Godfrey, Quality Education Academy    
  • Carter Greenwood, Reagan High School    
  • Trevon Helm, Early College of Forsyth    
  • Allie Hiersteiner, Reynolds High School    
  • Caleb Lumpkin, Reynolds High School    
  • Kaegon Matlock, Reagan High School    
  • Naudia McKoy, North Carolina Leadership Academy    
  • Samantha Medley, Walkertown High School    
  • Aseelah Renee O'Neal, Mt. Tabor High School    
  • Paris Reynosa, Glenn High School    
  • Alan Rojas-Rodriguez, Glenn High School    
  • Elizabeth Salazar-Garcia, Atkins High School    
  • Sawyer Ingram, Reynolds High School    
  • Taylor Simmons, Early College of Forsyth

Grants for Youth-Led Projects

YGA makes grants annually to youth-led projects that address community issues and challenges and that have a positive impact on other youth.  Grant applications from youth-led groups are due in late January of each school year, and grant decisions are made by April.

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2020 Grant Recipients
  • CARE Club – $890 to host a spring literacy camp at Bolton Elementary School
  • CARE Club – $450 to create a uniform closet at Bolton Elementary School
  • Forsyth County Young Leaders Program – $200 to support a volunteer awards program for youth
  • No Hasti Never That – $200 to provide environmentally friendly snack bags to 250 elementary students
  • Peace Builders and Justice – $1,000 to host a summit designed to train youth in restorative justice practices
  • STEAM for Girls – $1,700 to host a STEAM summer camp for girls
  • THETA Awards and Scholarship Fund – $1,200 for a high school theatre awards gala and to raise scholarship funds for a theatre summer enrichment program
  • Walkertown High School FCCLA – $250 to provide snacks and school supplies during tutoring sessions
  • Winston Opportunity Project – $1,400 for a mentoring program in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Winston-Salem Youth Advisory Council – $100 for painting supplies for an anti-vaping mural

How to Get Involved

Join YGA

If you’re 15–18 years old and live in or attend school in Forsyth County, then you’re eligible to apply! YGA’s program runs from August through April of each school year, and applications to join YGA for the next school year are available on our website in the spring.

The deadline to apply to join 2020-2021 YGA is May 15.

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Adult Advisor: Andrea Hulighan, The Winston-Salem Foundation
Facilitator:  Fred Baker, Leading to Change