Black Philanthropy Initiative

Racial inequities exist in all our systems, including criminal justice, health, housing, wages, and education, and they continue to disproportionately affect Black people in Forsyth County.

The Black Philanthropy Initiative was established in 2003 and is a 100% Black-led initiative of The Winston-Salem Foundation that is explicitly, not exclusively, focused on grantmaking and programming that strengthens our local Black communities. By joining together with people from all walks of life in Forsyth County, BPI   is effecting change to build a better future for Black people, their families, and their communities.

BPI’s vision is to expand the concept of philanthropy to include investments of time, talent, and treasure, acknowledging that the powerful history of giving in the Black community is a great example of what philanthropy should be.


  • Philanthropy: Building on strong giving traditions and investing collective time, talent, and treasure to strengthen Black communities in Forsyth County.
  • Targeted Grantmaking: Providing grants to local nonprofits and organizations to advance economic and educational equity with an explicit focus on Black individuals and communities.
  • Research + Advocacy: Coming together as a community to learn about and discuss systemic barriers, both current and historical, that stand in the way of and deny Black community members the resources they need to build a better future.

To learn more about BPI’s history, how it got started, and the exciting growth it’s experienced, please visit their website.

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Vice President, Strategy & Culture 604-5034
Courtney Feliz
Strategic Initiatives Officer 231-0508
Shamika Munnings
Director, Strategic Initiatives 604-5160
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