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Doing More and Doing Better for our Community

Vicki and Ed Robins have dedicated their lives to giving back. Their philanthropy shows up in ways both big and small, whether it be through their volunteer work, charitable contributions, or unwavering dedication to church and community.

“I certainly learned about the importance of giving back from my family, particularly my mother. She taught me to give both monetarily as well as with my time, and she instilled in her children how important community was,” said Vicki. “In the 38 years that Ed and I have been married, we’ve always had conversations about doing more and doing better. And I hope we’ve instilled that in our children, to continue that in their own communities.”

When it comes to their current charitable giving, the Robins draw a lot of inspiration from the paths that their two daughters took—both graduating from Mount Tabor High School and pursuing journalism degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill.

The couple uses their Donor-Advised Fund to contribute to programs for school-aged children and special initiatives at UNC, as well as to support their church, St. Paul’s Episcopal.

In 2021, they also established the Robins Family Scholarship to help graduates from Mount Tabor pursue a college education.

“We each have our own voices and our own approaches to help the community—partnering with the Foundation is a way to amplify that, to combine our efforts with that of others to be more impactful,” said Ed. “If you’re members of a community, everybody has to pitch in and ensure people have the resources they need. So that’s the big motivator for us.”