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Making a Lasting Difference

Suzie Ross and her husband Dennis think about giving in an interconnected and broad-reaching way, with charitable interests ranging from the visual and performing arts, to nature and conservation, to tackling systemic injustices.

“Several years ago, I read a book called The Color of Law, which explores the history of systemic segregation in our country. As a former lawyer, it was really interesting to me, and it opened my eyes,” said Suzie. “Now I feel like I know more about what I can do to help make things better. I hope that our contributions play a part in improving the lives of others, giving people an opportunity to realize their potential.”

After retiring from careers in law and medicine and giving their children a foundation for their own successful lives, Suzie and Dennis have deepened their charitable giving with the goal of making a difference during their lifetimes and beyond.

The couple uses their Donor-Advised Fund to support the work of many nonprofits they’ve developed strong relationships with, such as Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County and the Blue Ridge Discovery Center, as well as the Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative and The Women’s Fund.

“Everyone has something to offer and should have an opportunity to live a full life, and I believe if everyone in our community were given the opportunity to contribute, we’d be much stronger,” said Suzie. “Most of all, I want to give in a way that has the potential to change people’s lives—that’s where my heart is."