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Neighbors Working to Strengthen their Community

Neighborhood’s Hands is a community-based nonprofit working to enhance the quality of life for residents in Winston-Salem. The organization supports local people and families through their community garden, mobile food pantry, afterschool learning centers, and workforce development classes.

“I saw the need in my own neighborhood—the Cleveland Avenue Homes that I grew up in,” said executive director Dr. S.D. Patterson.

“We try to really be here for the community and meet everyone’s mental, physical, and financial needs.”

An Advancing Equity in Education Grant from the Black Philanthropy Initiative (BPI) helped Neighborhood’s Hands purchase supplies and hire certified teachers for its afterschool learning centers, aligning with BPI’s goal to ensure all Black students have supportive environments in which to learn, grow, and thrive.

“Our focus is to be a light for the children and make sure they have support to get to the next level. We want them to know they can be someone in the future, that society doesn’t dictate who they’re going to be, and if they work hard to achieve their goals, they can be very successful,” said Dr. Patterson.