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A Place To Feel Joyful And Connected

When you talk to staff and volunteers at Delta Arts Center, it’s clear that the 51-year-old organization is a special place that offers much more than just wall space upon which to display art.

Nestled in the heart of East Winston, Delta Arts Center provides unique cultural and educational programming, with topics ranging from visual and folk art to music and literature, with an emphasis on the contributions of African Americans.

“It's a place where people come together, and it's a safe place where artists can blossom,” said board president Charmon Baker. “It's indescribable—the feeling you get when you see artists activate the space with their gifts or hear a performer who has a talent for singing as their voice reverberates off the walls. It just makes your heart fill up with joy.”
Charmon Baker and Whitney Harness (l-r)

A Capital Improvement Grant from the Foundation helped Delta make improvements to their building, such as overhauling the HVAC system, investing in laptops for staff, and updating their kitchen. An Impact Grant from the Black Philanthropy Initiative helped fund a free week-long program called Blues Kids Camp, where professional musicians from Chicago taught music to local children and performed for their families.

“I try to let everyone know that our doors are open to the community,” said executive director Whitney Harness. “Sometimes people think they need a special invite, but we want people to know that Delta is a place where you can come to feel connected and united.”