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Building Financial Stability

The Asset Building Coalition of Forsyth County raises awareness about asset poverty and how it affects individuals and families in Forsyth County. The Coalition is made up of 36 partner organizations and individuals who believe that every person in Forsyth County should have access to the financial resources they need to cover basic human needs, achieve their goals, and reach their potential.

“Asset poverty is a condition experienced by those who don’t have three months of household living expenses set aside.

“Without savings to cover basic needs, a family is at risk of losing financial stability due to job loss or illness,” said executive director Vivian Pérez Chandler.

Funding from the Foundation’s Building an Inclusive Economy focus area helped the Coalition increase its advocacy efforts and activate initiatives like Mitigating the Benefits Cliff and Forsyth Living Wage. They also launched a new website in 2020 that features local data and resources for residents and organizations.

“Together we can do so much more. Our Coalition is committed to identifying, disrupting, and dismantling the underlying community conditions responsible for the disparities we see so all Forsyth County residents can achieve financial stability,” said Pérez Chandler.