Capacity-Building Grants

The Foundation makes capacity-building grants for activities and projects that support adaptation, planning, and skill development so that Forsyth County nonprofits can fulfill their missions and achieve outcomes that are more impactful.  

These grants also support diversity, equity, and inclusion training and coaching to support nonprofits as they advance racial equity within their organizations and through their work.

Please reference the Capacity-Building FAQs below for specific information on grant amounts, terms, eligible expenses, and more.  If you have questions or a proposal to discuss, please reach out to us!

What we fund


Can you give examples of expenses that would or would not qualify for a capacity-building grant?

First, your proposal should be focused on one of the four capacity-building areas in the boxes above.  Grants can include a wide range of expenses, including consultants’ fees and new staff salaries.  Capacity-building grants are not intended to fund program operations or service delivery, and equipment is a low priority.

Can I preview the application questions before I register on the grant portal?

Yes, you can view our sample capacity building questions online.

Can I discuss my proposal idea with you before applying?

Yes, if you have a proposal idea you’d like to discuss, we’d like to hear from you! You're not required to meet with our staff before applying, but many nonprofits find it helpful to discuss their idea with our team. To schedule a conversation, contact us at least one week before the application deadline. Note: we cannot guarantee a meeting close to the deadline due to increased call volume.

Do you offer multi-year grants?

Yes, we offer grants for one-year, two-year, and three-year periods. Multiyear grants are available for long-term projects within the identified capacity-building area. If you are interested in several areas of capacity building, those would be considered separate requests.

What grant amounts are available?

The maximum annual amount for a one-year project, or for the first year of a multi-year project, is $25,000. For multi-year grants, each additional year of funding (years 2 and 3, if applicable) will decline by 30% from the previous year.

Therefore, a two-year grant would not exceed $42,500, consisting of year 1 at $25,000 and year 2 at $17,500. A three-year grant would not exceed $54,750, with these maximum amounts: year 1 at $25,000, year 2 at $17,500, and year 3 at $12,250.

Can my organization receive more than one capacity-building grant at a time?

Previously, nonprofits were limited to having only one capacity-building grant open at the same time. However, given the Foundation’s strong commitment to racial equity, organizations can now have two capacity-building grants open concurrently if one of the grants is for diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI) work. Therefore, a nonprofit can have a DEI grant open at the same time as a grant in another capacity-building area.

You can also have a capacity-building grant and a small grant open at the same time, assuming you meet the small grants guidelines.

If we’re a faith-based organization can we apply for a grant?

We fund faith-based organizations (churches, synagogues, mosques) when the organization is providing a social service, as long as it doesn’t serve only the members of a single congregation or promote a particular religious doctrine.  Review our grant guidelines for faith-based organizations.  

Can we apply for a capacity-building grant if we’re based outside of Forsyth County?

If your organization is based outside of Forsyth County but serves a wide geographic area that includes Forsyth County, the Foundation will consider a grant for the portion of the project that impacts Forsyth County. If you are based outside of Forsyth County and you also don't serve Forsyth County, you are not eligible to apply for capacity-building funding.

How to Apply

Capacity-Building grant applications are considered twice a year (first business day in September and March); applicants will receive a decision after a three-month review period.

To apply, visit the Foundation’s new Grant Application Portal and register for an account (please register at least two weeks before the deadline so our staff has time to approve your registration). For more info about creating an account, read our registration instructions.

For more information
April Durr
Program Director, Capacity Building & Capital Campaigns
(336) 607-5112