Capacity-Building Grants

The Foundation makes capacity-building grants for activities and projects that will help Forsyth County nonprofits enhance their internal operations to better fulfill their missions and achieve outcomes that are more impactful.

We believe that strong governance, effective management, and regular adaptation are essential in order for nonprofits to thrive, and we accept funding requests from nonprofits in a variety of capacity-building areas.

Requests may include a wide variety of expenses, including consultants’ fees and new staff salaries, with a maximum request amount of $25,000 for one-year projects and $54,750 for two or three-year projects (grants are typically made in amounts of 30% less than the prior year).  

Capacity-building grants are not intended to fund program operations or service delivery; equipment is a low priority.

Learn more about grant guidelines for faith-based organizations

What we fund

How to Apply

Do you have a proposal idea you’d like to discuss? We’d like to hear from you! To schedule a conversation, please contact us at least one week before the application deadline.

Visit the Foundation’s Grant Application Portal for application deadlines.

For more information
April Durr
Program Director, Capacity Building & Capital Campaigns
(336) 607-5112