Capacity-Building Grants

The Foundation makes capacity-building grants for activities and projects that will help nonprofits enhance their internal operations to better fulfill their missions and achieve outcomes that are more impactful.

We believe that strong governance, effective management, and regular adaptation are essential in order for nonprofits to thrive, and we accept funding requests from nonprofits in a variety of capacity-building areas.

Requests may include a wide variety of expenses, including consultants’ fees and new staff salaries, with a maximum request amount of $25,000.  Capacity-building grants are not intended to fund program operations or service delivery; equipment is a low priority.

Learn more about grant guidelines for faith-based organizations >

What We Fund

Governance / Leadership / Professional development

Projects that provide the board and staff with tools and knowledge needed to achieve the organization's mission.

Examples include:

  • Board development
  • Succession planning
  • Professional development / staff training
  • Executive coaching
Learning / Adaptation / Evaluation

Projects that help an organization assess, respond to, and create change for continuous improvement.

Examples include:

  • Organizational assessments
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Strategic planning
  • Merger exploration / assistance
  • Back office collaboration / shared services
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Service/program evaluation
Technical Skills

Projects that help an organization develop specific skills needed to improve organizational effectiveness.

Examples include:

  • Financial analysis / management
  • Information technology assistance
  • Marketing plans / assistance
  • Outreach and advocacy skill development
  • Development plans / assistance
  • Human resource assistance
Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

Projects that help an organization prioritize and learn how to incorporate the voices and perspectives of others, particularly those who are being directly impacted by the organization's work.

Examples include:

  • Training / coaching for developing / using asset-based approaches
  • Participant inclusion training / coaching
  • Unconscious Bias training / coaching
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion training / coaching

How to Apply

Visit the Foundation’s Grant Application Portal for application deadlines.

For more information
April Durr
Program Director, Capacity Building & Capital Campaigns
(336) 231-0504