Transportation Participatory Grantmaking


In 2018 the Foundation held many listening sessions, speaking with over 250 people from all walks of life to gather perspectives on our two focus areas, Advancing Equity in Education and Building a More Inclusive Economy. Among other issues, we heard that transportation is a barrier to accessing childcare, receiving healthcare, attending preferred schools, and obtaining and maintaining employment. In response, transportation is the focus of our Spring 2019 Grant Round.

our process

We believe that those community members who have transportation challenges are the best to select the projects that will be funded. Therefore, a Community Committee will be leading this effort made up of members who have transportation challenges in Forsyth County and members who are working in the transportation field. Over the span of six months, the Community Committee will design an application, interview grant applicants, and ultimately make grant decisions.


Applications are now open through May 23. Visit the Foundation’s Grant Application Portal to apply.

going forward

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Do you have questions about our transportation work? If so, contact Amanda Bennett at (336) 725-2382 or