Mission-Aligned Investments

Mission-Aligned Investments use the corpus of the Foundation's endowments to make financial investments focused in Forsyth County.

Other foundations may have missions that focus in specific program areas, such as for human services or the environment, and they may choose to invest in projects that promote that mission. However, as a community foundation, our investments are focused geographically—specifically on Forsyth County, NC.  

The Foundation has a variety of mission-aligned investments, including the Inclusive Economy Portfolio, which serves as a responsive opportunity for mission-aligned investments in Forsyth County that are also aligned with the Foundation’s two focus areas.


The Winston-Salem Foundation Committee established the Inclusive Economy Portfolio to complement and augment the Foundation’s work on Building an Inclusive Economy and Advancing Equity in Education. The portfolio provides loan funds to businesses or organizations with the expectation of repayment with financial returns and achievement of the Foundation’s focus area-related outcomes in Forsyth County.

Guiding Principles

Through the Inclusive Economy Portfolio, the Foundation seeks and makes investments in enterprises and economic opportunities that:

  • build the civic, social, and financial capital of communities of color
  • support ownership and governance by communities of color
  • are focused in Forsyth County and/or significantly benefit the population in Forsyth County
  • provide a return of capital with interest that can be used to support the Foundation’s grantmaking  
Investee Requirements:
  • Have at least two years of operating history
  • Operate in line with the fund's guiding principles
  • Can be nonprofits or for-profits
Investment Information:
  • Investments will be in the form of loans and loan guarantees
  • Loans will be between $100,000 and $250,000
  • Loans will have durations of a maximum of 10 years, with a preference for shorter durations
  • Interest rates will be less than 8%; financial return is not the highest priority of the fund, and the Foundation is committed to setting interest rates that meet an organization's need while meeting the mission of the portfolio
Investments to-date:

Piedmont Business Capital – $100,000 to provide loans to businesses that are owned by and benefit communities of color in Forsyth County
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Applicants to the Inclusive Economy Portfolio will be asked to submit basic project information that allows the Foundation to determine if the project is eligible for its loan program. If the project is determined to be eligible, Foundation staff and consultants will work with the applicant to assemble materials for a full underwriting application for the proposed investment.

Submissions are accepted at any time. After receipt of initial materials, organizations will be contacted within 30 days as to whether they are invited to submit a full proposal. The process will take three to four months from receiving initial materials to closing an investment.

Contact Brittney Gaspari for information on how to apply.

for more information
Brittney Gaspari
Vice President, Community Investment
(336) 607-5401