New York Beauty by Cynthia Kelley (credit below)

Building Meaningful Community Connections

2023 Report to the Community

We’re pleased to share our 2023 Report, Building Meaningful Community Connections, reflecting our deep belief in working together across differences to create a stronger and more resilient community that works for all of us. We look forward to building even stronger partnerships with donors, nonprofits, organizations, and community groups to even more strategically direct our community investments as we move forward.

Report highlights


Foundation President LaTida Smith and Board Chair Alison Ashe-Card share insights on the past year and their expectations for the Foundation's work going forward.


With the return of so many of our annual events, we had the pleasure of reconnecting and deepening relationships with donors, nonprofit partners, professional advisors, and volunteers.


Dive into our top-line financials for 2022: review  assets, gifts received, grants paid, and other metrics. Learn more about the percentage of our grants that were directed by donors vs. directed by the Foundation.

Did you know? In 2022, Foundation-directed grantmaking totaled $6.4 million, plus an additional $375,000 in mission-aligned investments. 100% of these investments are directed locally. We’re committed to growing these resources to be able to respond to Winston-Salem’s opportunities and challenges, both now and in the future.
How we partner to strengthen Forsyth County

Read more about how we partner with generous donors, nonprofits, and community groups to make the most impact together.


As a community foundation, we’re powered by partnerships. Whether partnering with donors, nonprofit staff, or dedicated volunteers, they’re all vital to helping us make positive change in this community. In this year's report, you'll read stories about just a few of the hundreds of people and organizations we collaborated with to strengthen Forsyth County in 2022.  


Please reach out to our staff if you have questions or want to learn more about the work of the Foundation. By building meaningful community connections, we can accomplish our vision of a thriving Forsyth County for all.

Header image art: New York Beauty is a quilt by artist Cynthia Kelley, named after a historic quilt pattern first introduced in the late 1800s that takes design inspiration from the Statue of Liberty’s crown. The piece was part of a 2023 show at Winston-Salem's Delta Arts Center entitled Tapestries of a Legacy, featuring works by the African American Quilt Circle of Durham, NC.

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