ECHO Award Winners - 2013

Aaron Bachelder, a director, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, established The Enrichment
Center Percussion Ensemble 15 years ago by engaging interested students at Winston-Salem’s Enrichment Center, an arts-based day program for adults with disabilities.  The ensemble has reached out to the community, performingin a variety of venues and community events over the years, bringing joy, increasing inclusion and acceptance, and dispelling preconceived notions about the abilities of this talented population.

Marcus Hill and Salem Neff founded Chaos Cooking, an experiment in cooking and community-building, in 2010.  During events, one participant hosts while everyone else prepares their own dishes from scratch in a shared cooking space(essentially a potluck without prior preparation). Participants are socially diverse, and while often initially strangers, common interests in food culture bridge across boundaries as cooperation and enjoyment build.  ChaosCooking creates new social networks as people collaborate and share delicious food.

The Hispanic League, which was established in 1992 to improve the quality of life for the Hispanic/Latino population, also facilitates inclusion, education, and health.  In addition to their annual FIESTA event, they provide college scholarships for Hispanic students and have created many opportunities for collaboration and relationship-building, including the Hispanic Services Coalition, an international wine tasting, and more.  The Hispanic League is breaking down misconceptions to make Forsyth County a stronger community.

The Reap More Than You Sow Community Gardening Initiative was founded in 2010 and has expanded to 22 community gardens in the greater Winston-Salem area.  In 2012, their 154 participant households produced 8,500 pounds of fresh produce to keep and donated almost 4,000 pounds to local food banks.  The initiative has empowered residents to eat healthier, savemoney, exercise, and beautify their surroundings, while working together collaboratively across differences in age, race, religion, and culture.  


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