2016 Grantee Partners

In 2016, The members of The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem awarded nearly $97,000 in grants to four local nonprofit organizations to address the economic security of women and girls in Forsyth County.

Community Grants Program

Children's Home Society of NC is awarded $26,500 to present Wise Guys, a nationally recognized evidence-based program that reduces teen pregnancy by changing the attitudes and behaviors of adolescent males towards their female counterparts. The program emphasizes healthy relationships, teaches proper communication, respect, and decision-making while stressing males share the responsibility of preventing unintended pregnancies and STDs. The program will be presented at 10 sites in Forsyth County and will reach a minimum of 725 teens.


Planned Parenthood South Atlantic is awarded $30,000 for the Contraceptive Choice project which educates and empowers teens to choose the contraceptive method that works best for their needs. PPSAT will educate and offer long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods – intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants – which are safe to use, do not require taking a pill every day, and can be close to 99% effective in preventing pregnancy for three to ten years. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), have all endorsed LARC as a first-line contraceptive choice for teens, but many forgo LARC methods because of cost. This grant will ensure that more teens wanting LARC will have affordable access to it.

TCK Providence, Inc. is awarded $29,920 for a social worker to help ensure that participants in the Triad Community Kitchen (TCK) Culinary Training Program will be able to take full advantage of their newly acquired skills. The social worker will assess potential employment barriers, coordinate appropriate services with partner agencies, and to ensure that graduates are "workplace ready" and positioned for success.  Approximately 60 to 80 women will be directly impacted by this program.

Grassroots Grants Program

LEAD Girls of NC is awarded $9,971 to conduct workshops for low-income/at-risk preteen girls. Using an evidence-based curriculum, LEAD builds self-confidence, teaches leadership and communication skills, and promotes social responsibility and community service. LEAD encourages and mentors girls to succeed academically, emotionally, and creatively. 






El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services is awarded $24,500 for economic empowerment of women in the Latino community. The Economic Empowerment Program will offer entrepreneurship training, workshops, networking, seed funding, and hands-on experiences to an initial cohort of 10 women seeking to start their own businesses. A Program Director will partner with each woman as she works through her business plan. Since its creation in 2006, El Buen Pastor has provided services to young children, teens, and parents with a focus on education, offering Latino families opportunities for a brighter future.
Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County is awarded $15,664 for a home maintenance workshop pilot program for women. This program will provide hands-on maintenance experience to 60 women Forsyth County, helping them reduce expensive repair needs that can compromise family safety and contribute to neighborhood blight. About 80% of Habitat families are headed by single women who are supporting one or more children. These workshops will help build the capacity of women to become successful homeowners. 
Imprints Cares is awarded $29,997 for programs to prevent teenage pregnancy and to support teenage mothers. Imprints Cares at Downtown Health Plaza will target low-income, unwed teen girls, young mothers, and expectant young mothers who receive services at the Downtown Health Plaza and are referred by medical providers. Imprints will offer parenting services such as home visitations, group connections, child screenings, and resource networking and referrals. These services will help support young women in an effort to break the cycle of poverty, which is a major cause and consequence of teenage pregnancy.
Old Town Elementary School is awarded $7,550 for “Full STEM Ahead,” an after-school STEM club for girls who attend Old Town Elementary. Research shows that stereotypes start at a young age when girls’ experience with science and math are gender-linked in ways that negatively affect their perceptions of scientific learning. This program will feature hands-on activities and field trip destinations that are based on the 4th and 5th grade North Carolina Science and Math Curricula in an effort to increase the girls’ interest in science and math careers and self-perceptions of their abilities in these subjects.  
And finally,
Planned Parenthood South Atlantic is awarded $30,000 to implement the Contraceptive Choice project which will educate low-income teenagers about contraceptive methods and empower them to choose the method that works for their needs. Many patients forgo the contraceptive method that is best for them because of the cost, and this program will educate young women on their options for these services. Birth control options counseling, long-acting, reversible contraceptive methods which are safe to use, and insertion of these devices, will be offered at no-cost.
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