Participant Scholarships

2014 Participant ScholarsOn March 25, the Inclusiveness Committee welcomed nine new Participant Scholars to The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem during its annual orientation, hosted at Summit School in Winston-Salem. Fellow scholars, Women’s Fund Board and Advisory members, and those who nominated a scholar were also in attendance to greet the 2014 cohort.  The orientation reviewed the history and mission of The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem, and informed Participant Scholars of their roles and responsibilities as a member. Participant Scholars are asked to serve on a committee of their choice, in addition to participation in grant voting. To facilitate the committee selection process, Chairs and representatives from various committees were present at the orientation to discuss volunteer opportunities. The collective enthusiasm and excitement radiating from the 2014 Participant Scholars will be sure to make a lasting impact for The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem.
The Participant Scholar Program of The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem was developed to offer membership to women and girls who have limited access to financial resources, but whose civic, community or cultural work shows a commitment to issues affecting women and girls. Applications for the program are reviewed annually in February. Since its inception in 2007, The Women’s Fund has awarded participant scholarships to 92 deserving women and girls under the leadership of the Inclusiveness Committee, which seeks to ensure diversity in the membership of the Fund.  The scholarship awards recipients the full benefits of membership in The Women’s Fund for two years. Participant Scholars have leveraged the benefits of the scholarship opportunity to foster a long-term relationship with The Women's Fund, going on to become members of committees and the Board of Directors. 

“Our Participant Scholars, who either self-identify or are nominated by a Women's Fund member, bring fresh perspectives to our mission of making a difference for women and girls in our community.  Their varied lives are rich with experiences that will prove invaluable as we move forward with collective philanthropy.  Welcome, Class of 2014. You will go far!,” said Janie Wilson, one of the founders of The Women's Fund.

The 2014 Participant Scholars include: Darlene Rodriguez, Debra Delois, Elena Allen, Jammise Bowen, Maria Jones, Nicole Little, Shante Parker, Sonya Nicole Wagstaff, and Sylvia Adams. Please join us in welcoming these talented women The Women's Fund. 
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