The Winston-Salem Foundation Award - 2005

Donald E. Flow

For his visionary work in economic development in the Winston-Salem area and his
leadership in building a coalition of community volunteers;

For using his personal social capital to build relationships between Dell and the
community and which therefore resulted in new economic growth in our community;

For imparting the understanding that in order for the entire community to benefit, the
entire community needs to be involved in the process;

For continually working to bring new and existing things that makes our community


Andrew J. Schindler

For recognizing the leadership opportunity and galvanizing the Winston-Salem Alliance
to enable both long-term and immediate action;

For engaging more people in community leadership and bringing together the corporate
and education communities;

For playing a key role in moving the Winston-Salem Alliance to the next level and
helping the broader community prepare for attracting, engaging, and retaining new

For working to make our community welcoming to everyone.


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