Victim Assistance Grants


The Chrissy Gallaher Victim's Assistance Fund was established at The Winston-Salem Foundation in 1992 by friends and family of Chrissy Gallaher, who was the victim of a violent crime.  The fund provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime to help minimize complications from the event. The fund also provides grants for statewide organizations that provide information in a supportive manner to victims of violent crime.

Please note that organzations must apply for grants from this fund, not individuals.


  1. Victims of violent crime such as rape or assault are eligible for assistance from the fund.  The fund is also available to assist surviving family members of homicide victims and victims of violent crime resulting from domestic violence.
  2. Victims should not have insurance or other resources to recoup their losses.  Expenses that exceed insured limits may be eligible for a grant from the fund.  Victims should have applied for reimbursement from N.C. Crime Victims Compensation, if applicable.
  3. Victims should be residents of Forsyth, Davie, or Stokes counties (or the area being served by Family Services, Inc.).
  4. The victim can receive monetary support for expenses such as the following:  relocation expenses; locks, alarms, or repair of damages from break-ins; clothes, especially for rape victims when clothes are retained as evidence; transportation to counseling visits; lost wages that may be reimbursed to the Chrissy Gallaher Victim's Assistance Fund at a later date by N.C. Crime Victims Compensation; help with payment of bills that are late because of the consequences of the crime.
  5. Grants to individual victims should be monitored by a charitable organization, governmental unit, or other suitable organization that takes responsibility for overseeing the use of the grant. 
  6. The fund is for assistance to victims only.  It is not for assistance to organizations serving victims (except, as noted in the purpose, for nonprofit statewide organizations that provide information in a supportive manner to victims of violent crime).


  1. Victims may be served by the fund through organizations such as: the Winston-Salem Police Department, the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department, human service or other community agencies, or churches.
  2. Organizations that routinely assist victims of violent crime (such as Family Services, Inc. or the Winston-Salem Police Department) may apply to establish a small fund held at their agency that can be available for immediate access.
  3. Organizations assisting a victim of violent crime should submit a letter requesting a grant.  The letter should briefly describe the situation and the purpose of the requested grant; it should also explain the method for monitoring the use of the requested grant.
  4. The Foundation will receive and make decisions about grants from the fund throughout the year.  Applications do not have to follow the Foundation's discretionary grantmaking cycle.

For more information, please contact  the Grants Manager via email or via phone at (336) 725-2382.



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