ECHO Award Winners - 2007

Mary Bolton has built social capital by building bridges across ethnic and economic lines through her work with El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services. Mary was instrumental in creating an afterschool program for Spanish-speaking children to teach them English. Her recruitment of volunteers from various churches has provided opportunities for relationships to be built across many different backgrounds and income levels. Mary was nominated by Ron Lowery.

Effley Howell uses creativity, history, and art to tell a story of division and triumph in our community. He has built social capital by working to improve race relations in our community through a traveling black history museum. Both the exhibit and workshops that he conducts around the exhibit have enabled him to open a dialogue between different ethnic and age groups. They enable Effley to impact individuals’ perceptions and misconceptions about discrimination in a visible, tangible, and personal way. Effley was nominated by Lisa Miller.

Tracey Maxwell has created bridges across lines of race, faith, and income through her work with Vigils of Healing, a volunteer group that holds interfaith vigils at the site of each homicide in Forsyth County. She founded the group not only to mourn the victim’s loss, but also to acknowledge and counteract the negative effect that violent deaths have on families, neighborhoods, and communities. The vigils also bring people to neighborhoods where they would not normally travel. Participants have remarked on the trust and sense of community that grows out of standing together with a common purpose. Tracey was nominated by Sylvia Oberle.

Rabbi Mark Strauss-Cohn has built social capital by building bridges between diverse religious communities in Winston-Salem. He has sought to educate community members on what they all have in common, rather than dwell on differences. He has offered courses on Judaism to the broader community in order to create a better understanding of the faith. He has ensured that the Temple has participated in many community activities such as a Habitat for Humanity house building which creates bridging social capital. Mark was nominated by Dr. Andrew Schneider.


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