ECHO Award Winners - 2008

Andrea Angelo has built social capital by building relationships, trust and understanding of tolerance between the straight, and gay and lesbian communities in our area.  Andrea serves as the Advocacy and Business Liaison for the Winston-Salem chapter of PFLAG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.  She has built bridges through her leadership and coordination of events that bring both gay and straight communities together, resulting in new friendships between the two.  Andrea was nominated by Chris Teague.

Rev. Willard Bass has built social capital through his leadership in the creation and administration of The Institute for Dismantling Racism.  IDR’s mission is to build a multicultural anti-racist culture in our community that will transform individuals, groups and institutions over time.  IDR workshops educate, enlighten, confirm and move people to question their own socializations while seeking solutions and new ways of being that are inclusive of difference.  Willard was nominated by Lauranita Katende.

Katherine Foster has bridged social capital in her volunteer leadership with the Shalom Project, an organization serving the needs of disadvantaged individuals in the West Salem neighborhood and greater Winston-Salem.  Programs include a food pantry, health clinic, clothing closet, after-school program and a Wednesday fellowship program.  The Shalom Project enlists a diverse volunteer base, working together to reduce socioeconomic and health disparities in our community.  Katherine was nominated by Christine Jolly and Amy Lindsey.

Chevara Orrin has built social capital by creating bridges across lines of race,
age, faith, and income, often utilizing her gallery WhiteSpace as a conduit for bringing together many diverse groups of people.  She often hosts benefits and exhibitions that seek to engage and connect various segments of our community by creating dialogue to discuss health, economic, racial, educational and political disparities.  Chevara has helped create relationships between individuals and groups who have commonalities that may not have been discovered without her guidance.  Chevara was nominated by Alan Ireland.

West Salem Neighborhood Association is an example of social capital-building on a neighborhood-wide scale.  Association members believe that neighbors getting to know neighbors is the key to creating a strong and healthy neighborhood.  The Association has initiated community-based initiatives such as a “Big Sweep” project for Tanner Creek, sponsored neighborhood meetings, hosted cultural and civic events, and provided educational opportunities for residents.  The West Salem Neighborhood Association bridges across all lines of diversity in terms of age, education, ethnicity, faith and other socioeconomic differences.  West Salem Neighborhood Association was nominated by Joshua Sutter.


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