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   Nancy Young

1. Who are/were your role models for "giving back" to your community and how did they influence you?
Ann Ring was the first woman I ever saw who volunteered in the community and served as a community leader. I was probably six or seven when I met her and she influenced my life from then on. I had seen the role woman played in the church, but living in a rural part of the county, I never knew woman could make such a difference in their communities.

2. What issues impacting women & girls are you most passionate about? Do you have any personal connection to any of these issues?
Right now, it is homelessness. The economic environment has created so many more homeless women and homeless single mothers. There is also the issue of homeless children, particularly homeless pregant teenagers. While there are chronically homeless women, the "new face" of homeless seems to show more women and children than ever before.

3. What would you tell other women and girls about The Women's Fund to encourage them to get involved?
While philanthropy and volunteering are important to all areas of the community, having The Women's Fund allows us to focus on issues that are of particular -- or even singular -- interest to women and girls. In addition to providing the opportunity to be a part of making a difference in the lives we touch, The Women's Fund is also a great networking group -- something women and girls truly need.

4. Tell us a little bit about yourself:
After a long career in corporate public relations, I’m now director of public and media relations at Winston-Salem State University.   It’s been an interesting transition and I am proud of what WSSU has accomplished in the past several years in both athletics and academics.  I've been involved in a great many areas of the community and currently serve on the boards of  The Enrichment Center and AIDS Care Service, two outstanding organizations that serve  important niches in our community. My 97-year-old mother lives with me and that is a blessing every day -- as are my son, my two granddaughters and my extended family of "adopted" children.

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