Financial Statements

The Winston-Salem Foundation is a unique financial steward.  One important focus is that the charitable dollars entrusted to us be available in perpetuity, requiring long-term investment strategies.  However, the Foundation also works to maximize dollars available today so that our endowment holders and the Foundation Committee can distribute these resources to invest in the community.  Our close collaboration with investment managers has helped make both of these goals possible.
The Foundation has worked to diversify asset allocation and has set high performance standards for investment managers. We maintain a commitment to a total return investment philosophy, including a current 4.0% spending policy to ensure the ongoing viability of funds. Any investment return earned over the spending limit is added to principal, thus combating inflation, overcoming down markets, and growing endowments, all for the benefit of grantees.
Managing the Foundation's growing asset base is a key component of its philanthropic stewardship, and a positive foundation has been laid for future asset growth.




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