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   Anne Griffis Wilson

1. Who are/were your role models for "giving back" to your community and how did they influence you?
From childhood in my small hometown of 1,000, both of my parents beautifully and quietly modeled the concept of giving back to the community. In many ways I believe "giving back" in a small community was an easier concept to grasp because we citizens were more or less dependent upon one another. When we saw needs of others, we were taught to reach out and help those in need. With the seed of "giving back" planted years ago, only as I have grown older have I realized the importance of reaching out and taking the initiative to be part of a solution to some of the injustices that exist.

2. What issues impacting women & girls are you most passionate about? Do you have any personal connection to any of these issues?
I applaud all of the issues The Women's Fund has supported, and currently my keen interest is in protecting credible sex education and reproductive rights of women in the midst of an increasingly conservative society. In a democracy, if there is pro-life, there must also be pro-choice.

3. What would you tell other women and girls about The Women's Fund to encourage them to get involved?
The broad diversity of The Women's Fund itself is exciting. Welcoming new friends, greeting old friends, plus pooling our resources to ultimately create a better community is a marvelous by-product of this intentionally thoughtful Fund. I am a proud member and highly encourage others to join.

4. Tell us a little bit about yourself: 
I retired from part-time teaching in early childhood and elementary levels for years, and also part-time librarian at a small library at Baptist Medical Center. I am especially proud of my two adult sons, John and Thomas, and daughters-in-law, Sharee Fowler and Helen Simoneau. Most meaningful, other than being a wife and mother, has been the evolution of becoming a community activist. My husband and I are members of Green Street UMC, and when possible, we enjoy escaping to our little mountain cabin we built in 1975, when our children were young. It's a small place, but a place to restore our souls!


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