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Wenda Wilmoth Clinard

1. Who are/were your role models for "giving back" to your community and how did they influence you?
My maternal grandmother and mother were my role models. I remember my grandmother, who lived with my family from the time I was five until her death at the age of 93, sitting at her desk for hours writing letters. She reached out to family, friends, women and men in jail that she did not know and anyone else that may have been in the news and touched her heart. She made donations to a variety of charities that were dear to her and though the donations were not large they were consistent. My mother prepared food for the needy, volunteered frequently, loved her children with all her heart and spent the majority of her life pursuing selfless and random act of kindness.

2. What issues impacting women & girls are you most passionate about? Do you have any personal connection to any of these issues?
As a birth doula issues surrounding women's reproductive health are most important to me. I feel women and girls should receive the support and education to make their own decisions concerning their personal health. If pregnant, I feel that a woman should be empowered throughout her pregnancy and birth. Most importantly I feel a woman's birthing rights are human rights and a woman should be able to decide for herself where, how and with whom she gives birth.

3. What would you tell other women and girls about The Women's Fund to encourage them to get involved?
I like that The Woman's Fund provides funding to women and girls in Forsyth County. I find it unique that a membership in the Women's Fund can be held by one or more women and that each membership gets a single vote in deciding which grant proposals are funded. I like reading the various grant proposals and discovering how each wishes to impact our community in its own unique way. I look forward in anticipation to the Fall luncheon when the winners are announced. I most appreciate that the The Women's Fund appreciates diversity and insists on inclusiveness.

4. Tell us a little bit about yourself: 
I am a birth doula, providing emotional, physical and educational support to women throughout their pregnancy and birth. I enjoy traveling, reading, outdoor music festivals, exercising, time spent with friends and I always enjoy a good bottle of red wine. I am interested in pursuing more service trips as a birth doula similar to the one I took to Uganda in March 2012 ( My most treasured moments are those spent with my husband, our children and our three dogs.

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