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   Brenda A. Scronce

 1. Who are/were your role models for "giving back" to your community and how did they influence you?
The women in my family have always taken on leadership roles in our various communities. Our mother is a retired nurse and in different ways each of her four daughters (no sons) became 'people helpers'. Whether it was careers in medicine, business, or teaching....we each essentially help others as mom did. In our spare time we all have served in every capacity from scout leaders to board members.

2. What issues impacting women & girls are you most passionate about? Do you have any personal connection to any of these issues?
A specific interest of mine is promoting science education. I am particularly passionate about encouraging young women to enter the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Any of the science/math disciplines are a wonderful foundation to so many careers in science, but also careers in medicine, business, law, education, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed majoring in biology/chemistry. I then went into education and medicine for 20+ years before I began my last career in business....all using my science education.

3. What would you tell other women and girls about The Women's Fund to encourage them to get involved?
It is so important for girls and women to hear from other women how their path led to success. Having a conversation, hearing a lecture, or just reading about someone who comes from the same humble background provides hope. Learning about women who've achieved so much by studying hard and avoiding the human pitfalls such as early pregnancy and substance abuse, etc. gives encouragement that others can be successful also.

4. Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I was born in Louisiana, raised in Iowa, completed my undergrad degree at Texas A&M University, taught high school science, obtained my Physician Assistant (PA) degree from the Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and practiced as a PA in emergency medicine. Along the way, I married my wonderful husband, Tim. We've moved around a bit with his career while raising three children. We moved to Winston in 2001. Seeing a need for emergency communication after some of our national (Hurricane Katrina) and global (tsunami) disasters, I started a mobile cell tower manufacturing company in 2007. I recently sold that business thus retiring from my third career. I serve on a few museum, community, and endowment boards that support science education. For fun I enjoy spending time with family and friends, travel, and reading.

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