Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the Foundation's focus areas be Advancing Equity in Education and Building an Inclusive Economy? Is this a time-limited investment?

A: As a community foundation existing in perpetuity, we will continue to evolve to address the greatest opportunities and challenges in our community. The Foundation believes these focus areas are where our resources are needed and can make the greatest impact now and for the foreseeable future. Top

Q: What are the Foundation’s priorities and strategies within the new focus areas?

A: Following extensive community conversations during 2018, the Foundation recently announced specific funding priorities for 2019. To learn more, visit our microsite, Evolving to Meet Community Needs. These priorities and strategies will likely shift over time as we learn from the community what is needed and where we can make the greatest impact. Top

Q: What does the Foundation mean by racial equity?

A: Data shows that in our community, race serves as a reliable predictor of an individual’s educational, health, and economic outcomes. Though there are many other forms of identity including gender, age, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation, we are committed to focusing explicitly on race because of the pervasive role it plays in determining an individual’s life outcomes.

By focusing on racial equity, work often needs to focus on systems – the institutions, policies, and resource allocation in a community - to make real change; individual programs and projects are not enough to improve outcomes, as systems do not perform equally well for different groups. Learn more about our commitment to racial equity. Top

Q: I have an idea but I’m not sure if it fits the Foundation’s priorities. What can I do?

A: If you have a general question about the Foundation’s capacity-building and capital campaign deadlines, or about our focus areas, please contact a member of our Community Grants team, as they can give you advice about which requests might fit within the Foundation’s various grant programs. If your idea is not a fit for us, we will try to connect you to other resources in the community. . Top

Q: If we do not have a funding request that fits within any of the Foundation’s Community Grant priorities, how can we still benefit from the Foundation?

A: The Foundation supports a robust nonprofit community in other ways, such as by administering donor-advised grants and agency endowments, supporting HandsOn NWNC to provide capacity-building programming, and hosting nonprofit and community events such as the Nonprofit Networking Social and the Community Luncheon. The best way to stay up-to-date on the Foundation is to visit our website, join our e-newsletter list, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. . Top

Q: Will my organization be able to have multiple grants at one time?

A: Possibly. Organizations may have multiple grants with one exception: we will only allow one capacity-building grant at a time. Top

Q: I know the Foundation has restricted funds that don’t appear to fit in the Community Grants programs. How will those funds be spent in the community?

A: If restricted funds accumulate over time, the Foundation will issue specific Requests for Proposals from time-to-time. We will give plenty of notice and will announce these deadlines via both our standard communication channels (website, social media, and e-newsletter), and by sending targeted communication to eligible organizations. Top

Q: I see that the Foundation wants to be a more collaborative partner with its work in the focus areas.  How can I become more engaged with the Foundation and its work going forward?

A: We would love to connect with you. If you have experience or knowledge you’d like to share about the focus areas, please visit and scroll to the bottom to provide your contact information and comments. You can also reach out to the Community Grants staff by email. Top


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