Nominate Community Builders Now!

The Winston-Salem Foundation is pleased to present The Winston-Salem Foundation Award and the ECHO Awards annually to community builders who are nominated and selected by fellow community members.  The 2017 award recipients will be announced at the Foundation’s May 3 Community Luncheon at the Benton Convention Center.


Established in 1996, this award is given to individuals who demonstrate the Foundation’s values of generosity, excellence, inclusion, and integrity as well as visionary leadership in a community activity or on behalf of a community organization.  This Award is not a lifetime achievement award, but it is designed to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions within the recent pastPrevious recipients have led nonprofits, provided community leadership, and created opportunities for the broader community.

The Winston-Salem Foundation Award recipient is selected by a committee comprised of members from various Foundation committees and the community-at-large; the winner will receive a $10,000 cash grant to award to a charitable organization of his or her choice.

The March 3 nomination deadline for The Winston-Salem Foundation Award 
has passed.  We look forward to presenting the award at the Foundation's May 3 Community Luncheon.  Reservation information for the luncheon will be available on our Web site by March 7.


The Winston-Salem Foundation wishes to honor people and organizations who are building social capital in our community.  With the presentation of ECHO Awards, we hope to recognize those who are building a stronger community by building connections among people.  (past ECHO Award recipients)  

Award recipients (up to 5 per year) will receive a grant of $1,000 to donate to a charitable organization of their choice, hopefully one that is building social capital in our community.  Recipients are selected by a committee comprised of members from Foundation committees and the community-at-large.

Nominees for an ECHO Award can be:
  • Individuals, informal groups, or organizations
  • Unsung heroes and heroines from our community
  • Community members innovatively building connections
The March 3 ECHO Award nomination deadline has passed.  Please join us for the Foundation's May 3 Community Luncheon where our 2017 ECHO Award recipients will be announced. Reservation information for the luncheon will be available on our Web site by March 7.


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