Fund Administration

Since our establishment in 1919, The Winston-Salem Foundation has responsibly managed the philanthropic contributions of thousands of donors.  We currently administer over 1,300 endowed and non-endowed funds, and as such, we are a unique financial steward.

It is important that the charitable dollars entrusted to us be available in perpetuity, which requires long-term investment strategies.  However, the Foundation also works to maximize dollars available today so that our endowment holders and the Foundation Committee can distribute a portion of these resources to invest in our community now

The thoughtful stewardship of these assets is a critical responsibility.  Managing the Foundation's growing asset base is a key component of its philanthropic stewardship as the Foundation continues to build on its strong foundation for future growth.

Download a sample Donor Grant Recommendation Form

The Foundation is in the early phases of implementing a new strategic plan designed to guide us toward our 100th anniversary in 2019. One of the plan's key components calls for the development of a model to ensure the organization's future sustainability and growth, which is critical in ensuring support of this community for years to come. Effective January 1, 2014, the Foundation is initiating revised policies and fees pertaining to the administration of funds.

For more information on fund administration at the Foundation, contact the Philanthropic Services staff.


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